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My Changing Food Habits

March 13, 2015
My favorite fruit - today and always.

My favorite fruit – today and always, and won’t change with my changing food habits.

I’ve been lazing around a lot lately, and thinking about my changing food habits.  Most days the only workout I get is a brisk hour long walk in the mornings.  And the speed also depends on whether we have burning issues to discuss or whether the topic of conversation is lukewarm.  The most memorable walk so far was the walk where we where our pace and the conversation was so invigorating that we realized we’d walked all the way to the supermarket (a considerable distance), and ended up picking up some things we needed.  Then we had coffee and walked back home.

Happy with my cup cakes!

Happy with my cupcakes!

I’ve been baking a lot as well.  My mousse au chocolat was a disaster.  But my cupcakes were quite good!  I’ve been exploring the food options here and being vigilant about my food choices as well.  This doesn’t mean that I’m denying myself or following some kind of diet (those who know me know that I don’t diet).  What it means is that I’m listening to my cravings because cravings are a great way for you to understand what your body lacks.  And when you are travelling then you need to be extra vigilant because the weather changes, the food changes, your mind set changes and your days change!


So here are a few observations about my changing food habits which i find interesting:

  • While my parents have their morning tea before our marathon walks, I prefer to
    My love for this will never change.

    My love for this will never change.

    down a couple of glasses of room temperature water.

  • I rarely feel like having a large dinner.  So usually I’ll have a bowl of home made soup.  And this is usually related to my level of activity.  So on Thursdays I’ll come home at 10 pm and eat after an intense AcroYoga session.  And I choose to eat after rather than before the session.
  • In the evenings I tend to reach for a fruit or juice or green tea rather than the chai my parents drink.

In India I remember I used to guzzle down loads and loads of water throughout the day.  I used to feel hungry more frequently and ate much much more.  However, even with this change, I still feel like I have loads of energy.

Do you also experience similar changes in diet/cravings when on vacation?

Nice things you see on your walks here.

Nice things you see on your walks here.

Posing during the morning walks.

Posing during the morning walks.

Posing during the morning walks.

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