When You Pack…

March 27, 2015

Growing up I’ve done a fair bit of moving houses, moving schools, moving countries.  Sorting through all your belongings, taking things apart and boxing them up and away is a huge task that requires lots and lots of planning.  My parents have become quite adept at living in a house which is half dismantled, sleeping in beds that have packing material all around it…the last week of packing is chaos!

And this time I was with them to watch them packing one last time after a long career in the foreign service.

But oh! the chaos!  However, I’m a practicing yogi, so I wasn’t going to let the chaos affect my oasis of calm in the midst of a raging storm.  So here’s how you can maintain your zen even when everyone around you is losing theirs.

1.  Use the heavy boxes to build arm strength.  Lift ’em up, stack them on top of each other etc. etc.  WODs shouldn’t stop.


2.  Take a look at all the stuff you have accumulated.  Revel in the abundance you have in your life.  Be thankful.










3.  Once you’re thankful think about how you can minimize the clutter.  Happiness is in the mind, after all.  Give away or recycle.  Be happy that you did a good deed.

4.  Who has time to think about food when there’s so much to pack?  Subsist on soups 2015-03-20_18.32.00[1]and salads.2015-03-20_18.35.17[1]

5.  Find a little place to refuel.  A small space on the couch is all you need.  Have a cup of coffee and spend time with your Kindle.2015-03-20_18.29.22[1]

6.  Find your place of meditation.  Observe the trees.  Watch your plants.  Only 5 2015-03-20_18.26.14[1]minutes.








7.  When its all done heave a sigh of relief and refuel for the adventures ahead.


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