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In the Womb of the Goddess - A Poetry Collection

In our culture we honor the feminine energy with music and with dance, with poetry and with song.

It all started in the Womb of the Goddess.

The universe, the oceans, the mountains, plants, the animals, early man too.

This fertile and inexhaustible womb created life and the ability to make sense of life too.

It gave birth to our senses, our thoughts and the thought for this book too.

Like a daughter inheriting her mother’s features – what features has Creation inherited from the Divine Feminine?  With this collection of poems, yoga practitioner and scholar Pragya Bhatt considers the imprints of divinity on our everyday life.

Beyond Asanas - The Myths and Legends Behind Yogic Postures

Downward Dog, Tree Pose, Sage Marichi’s Pose…

Have you ever wondered how these names for yoga poses came about, inspired from animals, nature, and even sages?

Using thirty carefully researched asanas, yoga teacher Pragya Bhatt draws upon her own yoga practice and research to make a connection between ancient Indian mythology and modern yoga practice.

By depicting the beauty and form of each asana through the lens of Joel Koechlin, this book intends to add meaning and value for practitioners and non-practitioners alike, shedding new light on a familiar subject.