Pragya Bhatt

Yogini • Writer


Pragya Bhatt is a Bangalore-based yoga and Vedanta teacher.  She is also the author two books: Beyond Asanas and In the Womb of the Goddess.  With over two decades of practice and a decade of teaching experience, Pragya’s classes encourage students to look at yoga not only as a fitness class but as a means for inculcating holistic health.  Her classes focus on alignment to empower students to feel more responsible about their mental and physical health.  



More About Pragya



“Beyond Asanas: The Myths and Legends Behind Yogic Postures” was published in 2019 by Penguin.  Using thirty carefully researched asanas, Pragya draws upon her own yoga practice and research to make a connection  between ancient Indian mythology and modern yoga practice.


Her first collection of poetry titled ‘In the Womb of the Goddess’ was published in October 2022 by independent publisher Book Street Publishers.  What features has Creation inherited from the Divine Feminine?  The collection of poetry considers the imprints of the divinity on our everyday life.


Pragya Bhatt has been writing stories since she was in the second grade.  After blogging on several platforms, she started writing about her yoga journey in 2012.  This blog is a reflection of her evolution as a yoga teacher and practitioner.  She writes about her studies of yoga and Vedanta philosophy, travels around the world and insight into life as a yoga practitioner and teacher.


Study with Pragya

Pragya conducts regular online group yoga classes as well as Vedanta classes.  These classes are largely conducted online to enable participation from students in different geographies.


Pragya has conducted retreats both in India and internationally.  Her retreats integrate local culture and attractions to curate wholesome and holistic experience.

Live Online Classes

Pragya conducts regular online group yoga classes. During the pandemic, Pragya began filming her classes for her students’ convenience. With over sixty videos still accessible, you can join Pragya in practice anytime. These videos are beneficial even for yoga novices. 


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