Refreshing Summer Drink – A Recipe

January 19, 2015

And now for the recipe for what my sister calls lemonade and which I’ve been imbibing by the bucket loads for the past couple of days.  There’s nothing better than hydrating with a something healthy as well as delicious.  This drink tastes like summer in your mouth.  It’s healthy, easy to make and is a refreshing summer drink.  So here’s the recipe:


1.  Water (as many glasses as you want to drink)

2.  Sprigs of mint

3.  Ginger

4.  Loose tea

5.  Lemons (quantity depends on what kind of taste you want)


Summer Drink: The Recipe

Grate some ginger into the water and bring to boil.  Add the tea leaves.  Allow to boil until you’re happy with the aroma.  I prefer strong tea.  Allow to cool.  Squeeze some lemons into a jug.  Put the mint in the jug too.  Strain your tea into the jug.  Add ice if you prefer the drink really cold.  Pour into a nice glass.  Drink.  Share with your friends.

I know many people don’t drink enough water because they hate the taste of plain water, and this drink can be a game changer.  All the ingredients are pure and healthy and because you’re making it at home, you also get to do some quality control! After all, it’s important to stay hydrated!

Summer in a drink or a refreshing summer drink?

Summer in a drink or a refreshing summer drink?


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