What About When It Rains?

November 13, 2014

A lot of people interested in my Yoga in the Park classes as me this.

This morning I woke up and thought I’d start the day with a walk.  I got ready and stepped out and realized it was raining.  I was disappointed but it was too early for my mind to get irritated/angry etc.  As if on cue, I got a Good Morning message that gave me insight into how to handle this situation.


My morning ladies were also optimistic and upbeat.  And the beauty of practicing yoga in a group is that unconsciously you start to bond with the group.  My morning ladies are used to practicing amidst the trees (and under the flag!)…

IMG_20141113_092213[1] IMG_20141113_092155[1]

But today one of them offered us the use of her beautiful home for our practice.



It was a great way to start a cold, wet, grey morning and I feel so lucky to know these ladies.  They are smart, open, friendly and encouraging.  They have beautiful homes, great families and successful careers.  And most of all, they help each other and me stay inspired.  It’s still grey and cold outside, but my day is filled with warmth.

Post yoga we chatted meditation, vipassana, friends, lives etc over steaming cups of green tea.  Learning from water, to adjust ourselves.

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