Yoga Challenge With a Difference – #5daysofyama

June 17, 2014
Yoga is a holistic practice. I keep on saying this, but I feel my voice gets muffled by lots of people peddling ‘perfect’ yoga pictures made even more perfect with the help of iphone filters. Asanas are an important part of yoga, but the other eight steps of yoga are also mandatory for a complete practice. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to take a little time each day to practice a Yama. Traditionally, yamas (yogic principles that must be followed) were practiced and inculcated before starting the practice of asanas. Times have changed, and yoga classes now follow a different pattern. However, the yamas are easy to integrate into your regular life, you only need 5 minutes each day. Join me tomorrow for the #5daysofyama challenge. Trust me, a little bit of reflection for the next 5 days has the potential to change your life

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