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The Yoga Practice

June 16, 2016

A system whereby you can practice yoga daily in the comfort of your own home through a combination of personalized videos and customized yoga plans crafted and created for you by an experienced yoga teacher.


With the increase in lifestyle related conditions and diseases, there is an increase in an interest in living a holistic and healthy life. However, time constraints, a lack of motivation, and inaccessibility to a good studio/trainer, contribute to most people not incorporating yoga into their daily routine.

This program is for those who want a good, experienced yoga teacher but don’t have access to one. At a very reasonable cost you get not only personalized attention but also the tools to enable you to practice yoga daily with a focus on constant improvement in your health and fitness levels.

The Offering

  • We will meet you in person and assess, analyse and understand your needs.

  • Based on this assessment a personalized video will be created for you.

  • During a fixed personal appointment, we will help you do the video the first time in person in order to clarify any doubts you may have regarding the alignment of the asanas and to ensure that you are comfortable with the sequence.

  • Weekly calls to touch base with you regarding your yoga routine will be scheduled. This will be a time for us to share our feedback/concerns/changes regarding the plan.

  • Bi-monthly Sunday meetings for a group exercise session and for you to practice your routine with me and to introduce any changes together.

This program is available to anyone living in Bangalore.

Monthly Program Components:

  • 2 f2f meetings

  • 2 individual appointments

  • 4 consultation calls (weekly)

  • Weekly group exercise sessions

  • Personalized video made for your routine and updated periodically.


To enrol in this program or to get more information about it drop a message here.

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