Vacation Yoga.

December 17, 2012

I’ve been talking of how you can stay in touch with your yoga throughout our mega-holiday and through the beginning of Jan (after which I will be back to resume our classes.)  After a bunch of procrastinating (I’m in the planning and packing mood), I thought I’ll just bang out this blog before I can change my mind.

So here are a few things that you can do to stay in touch with your yoga, and to keep yourself flexible and fit during the holidays.

  1. Do all three bandhas (jalandar, udyaan, moola) while you’re driving or sitting on the plane.  Or meditating on the beach.
  2. Meditate on the beach :).
  3. Practice squating everyday.  Try and get your feet as close together as possible and hold your balance.  Here is a picture of me practicing squating on the ledge in my garden.  Remember squating helps to make your ankles more flexible, makes your legs stronger and helps your abs become strong as well!  I held my balance for a minute, during which this picture was taken, after which I lost my balance.  This is on my list of things to do as well.


4.  Do the vajra asana post your meals whenever possible.  If you’re on your mat or your bed then do the supta vajra asana.

5.  Breathe with awareness 5 times every day.

6.  Do our warmup routine as soon as you wake up or right before sleeping.

7.  Do the below to ease backpain.




These pictures were taken in the sun, hence the scrunched up face and the closed eyes.

8.  Practice the bhujanga asana on your bed.

9.  Do the various exercises for your abs in your hotel room, while waiting for your turn in the bathroom/cabbie to turn up/just waiting around in general.

10.  Practice the padmasana.


11.  While you’re at it, put your hands on the floor besides your knees and lift yourself up.

12.  Touch your toes every chance you get.


13.  Take a deep breath and smile in case your reservations/plans go awry.

14.  Always have your ‘me’ time.  Even if its just closing your eyes and thinking happy thoughts before going to sleep…or while shampooing your hair.

15.  If you have more time then practice pranayama – kapal bhati, bhastrika, anulom vilom…if you’re travelling to a warm place then practice sitili pranayam.

16.  Practicing sitting up straight every chance you get.

17.  Once your back is straight practice the butterfly asana.

18.  Keep a travelogue!  It helps you reflect.

19.  Try and get in touch with other yogis throughout the trip.

20.  Upload your yoga pictures on Yoga With Pragya!


Have an awesome vacation. 🙂

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    Nice thghts…:)

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