2012 Isn’t Over Yet…

December 9, 2012

A few days ago I was updating my diary and I realized that 2012 is almost ending.  This year was a water shed year for me.  I quit my job, moved and decided to switch careers.  I got married last year so I spent a lot of time this year getting used to the Big M.  And then I thought about my resolutions for this year.  And I realized that tennis had been on my list of things to do and I hadn’t picked up a tennis raquet the whole year.  I’d played squash a couple of times, but the resolution was tennis.  I think we get so caught up with our day to day lives (the large parts of which continue unchanged one year to the next) that we forget about the resolutions that we make on the 1st of Jan.  We often work towards the resolutions only for the first few weeks until the mundanity of regular life sets in.  Yoga is about growth and change and expansion.  And new postures, enhanced breathing, a better life are by-products of a regular yoga practice.


So then I thought that 2012 isn’t over yet.  I can utilize the remaining days to do something that I had intended to do this year.  And thereby keep from pushing one more resolution to the next year. 


The next day I encouraged my students to think about their resolutions for this year and try to fit some of them in in the last few weeks of 2012.  That way you get to keep a promise you made to yourself and make room for new ones for 2013.

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