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Dwi-Pada Viparita Dandasana – Two-Legged Inverted Staff Posture

March 17, 2020

The Hindu devotee prostrates before the Lord lying flat upon the floor, face downwards with hands outstretched.  The Yogi on the other hand prostrates himself in the graceful inverted arch… (Light on Yoga, p 373)

Dwi pada means both feet.  Viparita means reverse or inverted.  Danda means staff or rod, a symbol, authority or punishment as well as the body and its prostration.

It helps to:

  • Expand the chest enabling deeper breathing.
  • Relax an anxious mind.
  • Keep the spine healthy.
  • Relieves pain in the coccyx.
  • Energises the whole body.



Those who suffer from vertigo should practice this with due caution.


Busting the Myths

Many practitioners don’t fully understand the benefit of using props for yoga practice.  Many think they don’t ‘need’ props, feeling that it shows physical weakness to use props.  The truth is that props are akin to a teacher.  Used correctly, props can have a powerful impact on your yoga practice.  Read on for some practice pointers…

Practice Pointers

  • If you feel queasy or dizzy in this posture, adjust the position of your back on the chair and use some support under your head.
  • Tighten your thighs and roll them in to activate your legs and engage your core.


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