And the Theme for This Year Is…

January 5, 2016

And the first weekend of the year is already over.  There’s a certain amount of superstition associated with the first day of the year and this time the first day also led us into the first weekend of the year.  In Bangalore they implemented the law mandating a helmet for pillion riders.  In Delhi they started initiatives for pollution control.  I guess even governments aren’t immune to the charm of the first day  of the new year.

I spent the first weekend of the year at home, relaxing.  I had re-organized my bookshelf and my closet so I was basking in the after glow of accomplishment.  I’d already made my resolutions but I wanted to hang out a bit by myself to think about and to ‘sense’ where I am headed this year.  A couple of years ago I stopped making life impacting and life changing resolutions and started becoming more realistic about things.  That move evolved into the 80-20 approach I follow in life.  80% of the time I stick to ‘good’ and ‘constructive’ habits (eating well, exercising, meditating) and 20% of the time I let go (cribbing, bitching, drowning my sorrows in chocolate).  So this year instead of telling myself that I was going to run a marathon or finally do a pull up, I told myself I would focus on what would get me these goals.  And that would be training every day without fail.  (Here I allow myself the 80-20 rule, however, if I see the balance shifting to 79-21, then I ruthlessly force myself to make it 100-0.)

I also took some time to think about the work I do and to plan where I want to take it.  I thought about the projects I’m involved with and whether they are in line with the larger goals I would like to accomplish.  I looked at my schedule and cleaned it up.  For those commitments that I simply can’t let go of, I looked at how I can work on them to serve me rather than feeling helpless or dreading the work.

And also, I thought to myself that this year I should let time and life unfold before me and be a passive observer.  The last few months have taught me that fighting and resisting never works.  What works is to become fluid and go with the flow.  Not all battles need to be fought.  Most, in fact, are a waste of time.  Conserve your energy for those things that matter.   My theme for this year is Interaction.  Interaction with readers, followers, students, teachers, colleagues, friends..etc.  Fruitful interactions may lead to great collaborations.  Great collaborations may lead to amazing projects.  And amazing projects can change peoples’ lives.

Check out a few videos that I did (on behalf of HealthifyMe) with TheHealthSite.  We spent an exhausting but fun day in Bombay filming these.


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