Day 5 #5daysof yama – Aparigraha

June 22, 2014
yama_day5Today is the last day of our #5daysofyama challenge. Today’s yama is Aparigraha or non covetousness. This sounds a lot like Asteya, however while asteya talks the act of not hoarding/wanting, aparigraha is about non-attachment and possessiveness towards that which you own. This includes intellectual and emotional possessiveness. The most common manifestation of Aparigraha is ego. The ego defines everything we associate with the ‘I’. It’s great to introspect and know who you are and intentionally try to evolve into a better version of yourself. However, sometimes our idea of the ‘I’ becomes a limiting factor in our lives. For instance, up to a month ago I couldn’t swim because ‘I’ was afraid of the water. For 32 years I’ve told myself that I have a phobia of water bodies. In my recent Goa vacation something in me snapped and ‘I’ told ‘myself’ to face this perceived fear. I can swim now . Don’t let ‘you’ hold a limiting factor about ‘yourself’. Let go of perceived attitudes, fears, ideas that you may be holding possessively because ‘you’ don’t allow ‘yourself’ re-define you. #yogachallenge #yogaphillosophy #day5

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