Day 2 #5daysofyama – Satya

June 19, 2014

yama_day2The yama we’re focusing on today is Satya or Truth. What we usually think about this yama:  I don’t usually lie about things.  What this yama is all about: the imperceptible truth.  Be truthful about situations.  Are you really over-weight, or are you comparing yourself to an impossible image in the popular media.  Are you making the most of your time orf just looking for an excuse not to attend my yoga class :)?  Are you actually trying hard enough to eschew negative thoughts in favour of positive ones?  Practice looking at yourself and your environment truthfully and objectively.  Today look at how your days pan out.  And think about something that you’d like to fit into your day such as a workout, or reading the paper…or meditating.  Ask yourself if your ‘I don’t have the time’ excuse is really true.  If it is, then accept this truth and live with it.  You don’t have the time for a short workout, or to read a bit of the paper, or to sit quietly for 5 minutes.  Period.  Stop whining about these things NOW.  But if you find that you can pencil in some time by waking up just 10 minutes earlier, or turning the TV off and sitting in silence before sleep – then change your life today by making time for these activities.

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