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The Yoga Practice

The Yoga Practice (TYP) is for those who are passionate about their health and fitness but lack access to a good, trusted and experienced yoga instructor. This program has been developed to enable you to practice yoga daily without leaving the comfort of your home.

With the rapid escalation in lifestyle related conditions, an increasing number of people are looking at holistic solutions to enhance their quality of life.  However, time constraints, a lack of motivation, and no access to a good studio or trainer, contribute to many people being unable to incorporate yoga in their daily routine.

TYP is just the solution. Through a combination of personalized videos and customized yoga plans crafted exclusively for you by an experienced yoga teacher you can experience all the benefits of a good yoga class at home. Not only will you get personal attention but also the required tools to practice yoga daily with a focus on constant improvement in your fitness levels.


The TYP Way

  • We will meet you in person or over video chats to assess, analyse and understand your needs.
  • Based on this assessment a personalized video will be created and made available to you.
  • After a week of practicing the video on your own, a call will be scheduled to discuss any questions you may have.  These calls will happen weekly and will be a time to demonstrate and observe the finer points of the asanas in the video.   This will be a time for us to share our feedback/concerns/changes regarding the plan.
  • For those residing in Bangalore – Bi-monthly Sunday meetings for a group practice session will be scheduled.  During these meetings we will discuss your routine and any doubts that you may have.
  • For students from other cities/states/countries – the meetings will be on a virtual platform like Skype.