Pose #2 for Women – Virbhadrasana 2

March 2, 2016


Virbhadrasana 2 is another standing asana that I practice almost every single day.  Just lifting my hands up and reaching out makes me feel powerful, like a Warrior.  Something about this pose feels uplifting and in the final posture I always get this feeling of empowerment.  As though I’m ready to face life with courage and power.

The benefits of Virbhadrasana II (Warrior II):

  • Expands the chest so enables better breathing.  Better breathing leads to more oxygen being assimilated into the system.  This leads to more toxins being flushed out.  Which leads to better skin and hair, amongst other things.
  • Helps in treating and managing a slipped disc.
  • Great to stretch and tone the thighs.
  • Great to stretch and tone the hips (excess fat be gone!)
  • From personal experience I can say this helps in relieving lower backache.  I instantly feel my lower back relaxing when I practice this pose.
  • Helps pregnant women deal with back ache!
  • Helps in opening up the hip joint and keeps the joint flexible and supple.  So you are less likely to injure it.
  • Keeps the knees and ankles strong and supple as well.

A few things to remember when practicing this asana:

  • Open up the chest.
  • Relax the neck and shoulders.
  • Extend the hands out as much as possible, down to the fingertips.
  • Make sure the back knee is locked and thighs are tight.
  • The front thigh should be parallel to the floor.
  • The knee and the ankle of the front leg should be in one straight line.

And a very personal tip:  When practicing this asana try to focus on the fact that this pose commemorates Virabhadra, the Warrior Shiva created to avenge Sati’s (his wife) death.  Try and channelize your inner Warrior and watch how your struggles and hurdles melt away into insignificance.



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