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June 2012


Salubrious climes….

June 7, 2012

Last night I decided to go for a walk amongst the hills and realized just how important it is to commune with nature once in a while.  In the hills you hear different kinds of birds, you see deer running across the road (yes we did!), you see langurs and monkeys and most of all you see the hill people.  They are wiry but strong, they have clear complexions, an easy manner, ever ready to guide lost newcomers.  They glide through the hills comfortably and with a spring in their step to boot!  Is it possible to imbibe this demeanor of the hills people?  Is their easy gait just a result of walking through the hills daily?  I think the answer lies in something much more deep than that.  People here in Wellington live in a plastic bag free zone.  They recognize the importance of taking care of their environment right now to reap the benefits in the years to come.  They carry paper bags everywhere and encourage you to carry your shopping in your own cloth bags.  This love for nature also fosters of sense of harmony.  And when you live in harmony it manifests as peace.  And that is what you see in the hills people.  They walk in complete contentment.  They do their bit for the hills and in turn the hills provide them with fresh air, plenty of exercise and beautiful verdant views.  I look around myself and I’m unable to believe that I get to live amidst such beauty and unadulterated nature.  Because nature is so bountiful, it makes me want to do my bit.  And I will.  On my walks I will stop to smell the roses (or whatever flowers exist in these hills).  I will be careful not to use any more plastic bags or bottles.  A friend of mine has started using her empty wine bottles to store her water.  Excellent initiative.  I will try to walk or use my bicycle to travel.  And most of all I will be thankful that I will get a chance to expand my practice in the lap of nature itself.

I tried to capture pictures of the mist rising through the mountains from my balcony this morning.