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A Note of Thanks

April 29, 2021

We’re living in unprecedented times right now.  None of us actually thought we would end up in a situation where the roads in our overcrowded cities would be painfully empty again.  In March 2020 I looked out at the busy junction outside my apartment and tried to digest the surrealness of it all.  A year later I live in an apartment that doesn’t face a loud busy road but wonderful neem and bougainvillea trees.  If I crane my neck just so I get a peek at Ulsoor Road.  These days I find myself craning my neck a bit too often, incredulous that today things are so much worse than a year ago.

At this moment my work gives me lots of solace, and I am grateful for that.  I realize few people can claim that, and that makes me more grateful for the choices and decisions I’ve made.

My first online class during the pandemic was in March last year.  It was a forty minute call because Zoom only allows forty minutes for free users.  It was a mix of my private and group students.  I am grateful I had an old MacBook that I could use because my Lenovo has a malfunctioning camera (I am looking to replace said Lenovo).  I am grateful that my living room at the time was rectangular and clean, which made it easy to position the laptop at an optimum angle for teaching.  I am grateful to those students who gave it a go.  That support has kept me going financially, emotionally, intellectually and also spiritually.  At a time when many yoga teachers were turning up their noses at teaching online, I was able to jump on the bandwagon fairly quickly because of the acceptance and encouragement I received.  None of us knew this would become a way of life, and in retrospect most of us are thankful that we went online sooner than later.

I’m thankful also to all those teachers who collaborated with me, bridged boundaries to connect, learn and grow virtually.  Our sangha or community has grown in ways we never thought possible.

We are in the middle of one of the greatest challenges we have faced as a country, and I can only hope that things get back to normal soon.  But until then, we must keep doing what we can, with the song of gratitude in our hearts.

From two years ago at Rainbow falls in Nagaland. Happy, carefree and amidst nature.


Books Enquiries Into Yogic Philosophy

Beyond Asanas – My Book, My Words

August 21, 2019

Thank you @zzeehphotography and @makeupbyhennaanbaree for this amazing shot.

When I was writing ‘Beyond Asanas’ my aim was to write a book which would give readers insight into little known stories about the asanas. This is an aspect of yoga practice which is never emphasized, so most practitioners only understand the asanas superficially.

Little did I know that through the book I would come in direct contact with people near and far, known and unknown. People who would read my words and appreciate them. And then take the time out to give me feedback, and share my work with others. So many of you have reached out to me on social media and through other means to express your thoughts and emotions regarding my work. You have no idea what it means to me. ??????⠀

‘Beyond Asanas’ was published this year on June 21st. The publisher, Penguin Random House felt that would be the apt day to publish a book such as this. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The beautiful photos have been shot by Joel Koechlin. The insightful foreword has been written by Kalki Koechlin.

Do get your copy now, and please don’t forget to share your feedback. It helps.

Buy on Amazon & Flipkart.

Available on Kindle too!

Enquiries Into Yogic Philosophy

10 Days of Gratitude – Day 10

June 4, 2014


Today is the last day of our gratitude challenge. Today lets take a moment to appreciate all the mistakes we’ve made in life. After all, mistakes teach you a lot about yourself and the world around you. Mistakes help you understand what you actually want in life. They take you on adventures that make you who you are. If it weren’t for mistakes we wouldn’t have so much to be grateful for!

Enquiries Into Yogic Philosophy

10 Days of Gratitude – Day 7

June 1, 2014


We hear of people denied fundamental human rights in different parts of the world, honor killings, girls being kidnapped to make some kind of convoluted point etc. It’s horrifying, unsettling, unfair, illogical…and it’s happening! So today lets join our hands together and be thankful to the freedom that we usually take for granted and send courage and hope to people stuck in situations beyond their control, for no fault of theirs. Namaste.

Enquiries Into Yogic Philosophy

10 Days of Gratitude – Day 6

May 31, 2014

Now, everyone has those days when they feel blah. You don’t feel like getting up, your life and what you seems pointless, you don’t feel good about the decisions you’ve made, you feel insecure, uncertain….basically ‘blah’! So you may pick up the phone and call a friend, or listen to some soothing music, or read some inspirational words…something that allows you to reach into your reserves and tell you ‘this too shall pass’. Today let’s join our hands together and be thankful for what gives us strength, because some days you don’t need anything else!

Enquiries Into Yogic Philosophy

10 Days of Gratitude – Day 5

May 30, 2014


Social media takes a beating all the time. People have started lamenting that they can’t remember phone numbers, don’t have human interaction when asking for directions, don’t physically meet choosing instead to skype…but social media also keeps us connected. It helps us get back in touch. It makes sure that we don’t get lost in a strange place, it makes sure that you’re able to practice yoga with videos/blogs from people that you would never know existed! Today lets dwell upon the positives of social media. To the responsible use of social media which can bring a lot of inspiration to our lives!

Enquiries Into Yogic Philosophy

10 Days of Gratitude Days 1- 4

May 29, 2014

It keeps coming back to me time and time again that we make an impact on people whether we like it or not.  And in a world which is rapidly shrinking, we make sometimes end up making an impact on people without even knowing that we are doing so!  Maya Angelou made an impact on countless people.  To me she signifies positivity and strength in the face of all odds.  Her writing has always been about how her struggles have made her into a better person, a person who understands more.  To me she signified an individual who triumphed over all odds and came out stronger.

Today is the 4th day of my #10DaysofGratitude project on Facebook.  I realize that many people may not follow me on Facebook and thought that I should share the developments of the past four days in the blogosphere as well.  I believe as human beings we’re successful if we are able to stay positive and healthy despite the many odds against us.  So for the next few days lets meditate on the good things in life.  Create more positivity.  Give off some real good vibes.

Day 1:

Mindfulness is all you need to increase your levels of holistic health. When you become more mindful, you start to watch what you eat, what you say, what you think, how you feel etc. Every once in a while, its good to consciously think about the good things. Gratitude is a great way to practice humility and count your blessings. For the next 10 days be thankful for the good things in life. For today join your hands together and be thankful to the family has been and always will be with you. #10daysofgratitude #gratefultofamily

Day 2:

 Today lets be grateful for wonderful partners and all their foibles that make them who they are! Take a moment to think about what makes your partner great and all that they bring to your lives. #10daysofgratitude


Day 3:

Today join your hands together and take a minute to send out positive vibes to all your friends. After all, they taught you loyalty, respect, gave you comfort and stepped in as the voice of reason when the other little voices in your head were bugging you! #10daysofgratitude #day3 #paschimanamaskarasana #vrikshasana


Day 4:

We rely on our family and friends to help us and get us out of sticky situations. But sometimes complete strangers jump to our rescue. A gratitude4stranger changed a flat tire for one of my friends, a lady in France dropped us to our hotel at 2 am, someone gave my friend an umbrella when it was pouring cats and dogs on commercial street the other day…Today lets be grateful for well-meaning helpful strangers. They don’t expect ANYTHING in return, so it’s only fair that we send them loads and loads of gratitude today. #10daysofgratitude #day4