Green Tea: Get the Most Out of a Cup

May 8, 2014
Daily dose of health.

Daily dose of health.

Finally, the rain Gods have heard us and sent down beautiful, calming and refreshing rain.  I have to admit that I’ve been missing my daily blend of south indian filter coffee for the past few days because it’s simply to hot to down it.  But today I brewed and enjoyed a cup.  However, I make it a point of not drinking coffee post 12 in the afternoon, which is when my go-to drink becomes Green Tea.  I had run out of Korakundah Green Tea (which I got hooked on while in Wellington), but a friend of mine went to Ooty on vacation and brought me back a box!  (I always say that people underestimate the power of thoughts.)

So how do I have my green tea?  With lemon, honey and cinnamon!  Turns out lemon brings out the antioxidants, which makes it easier for your body to access them.  The catechins (compounds present in green tea which have shown to help in reducing belly fat along with reducing the risk of many other diseases) are easily extracted by the body in the inceased acidic environment of the stomach which is provided by the lemon!  So add lemon to your green tea if you’re trying to lose stubborn belly fat and want every last bit of anti-oxidants from your tea leaves.

The goodness of honey goes beyond the taste.  Honey contains not only vitamins and minerals but also anti-oxidants.  And we’ve always been given honey for sore throats and colds (I mean, Dabur really didn’t have to come up with Honitis).  So a bit of honey is great for you, but having it every day standing in your kitchen with a spoon has a slightly ‘I’m taking medicine’ feel to it.  So just add it to your tea.  And if, like me, you’re using organic honey from Coorg, then your tea will extra good.

Cinnamon is a natural sweetner.  And adding it to your green tea helps in lowering cholestrol in your system, has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties (everything you need when the weather cools down a bit and your body naturally slows down).  I still have some cinnamon left over from the Nilgris :).

I love the way my view becomes so green and vibrant post the rains.

I love the way my view becomes so green and vibrant post the rains.


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