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Assembling a Chair – A Yoga Blog

June 15, 2021

A Gift is Always Welcome

It’s always great to receive presents. My husband gave me a desk a couple of months ago to put at this beautiful window we have in our bedroom. As I type this out I can hear the birds chirping. At least one of the birds is a nightingale! Outside the window are trees of various kinds.

What I was missing though was a comfortable chair to go along with the desk. For months I’ve been using an Iyengar Chair, so when my friend Medha said she wanted to give me a chair I gladly accepted.

Yoga & Chair Assembly

The chair is an Astrix gaming chair and super comfortable. While my husband assembled the chair I couldn’t help but notice that humans have an unconscious tendency to sit in postures resembling yogasasanas. I was inspired now just like I was with my Freddy Mercury blog and promptly started taking photos.

This is how the chair came to us. We took an inventory of the screws and other bits that

He started with assembling the wheels:

Reminds me a bit of Baddhakonasana.

Carefully reading the manual to make sure we don’t make any mistakes:

Sort of like Janu Sirsasana.

The backrest is comfortable and sturdy.


Making sure we don’t miss a screw.


Putting the armrests together.


Ensuring the wheels fit.


Always happy about building things. ūüôā


What do you think? Do you also find yourself seeing what you love everywhere?

Enquiries Into Yogic Philosophy

We’re Working Hard And…

June 18, 2017


“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new,” -Socrates.

The last couple of months have been crazy busy for me.¬† I’ve been meaning to¬†do this¬†post for many many weeks now, but¬†was only able to get to it today.¬† I’ve been teaching my regular classes, have a couple of retreats and workshops under my belt, have designed new classes and modules (including The Yoga Practice, which I’m so incredibly excited about) and have found time to travel as well!

The year is far from over, and I have my annual trip (study retreat?) to Pune coming up in August and September. ¬†We’re also working on refining The Yoga Practice and getting the word out there as much as we can about it.¬† My practice is going well, and I see improvement in my students almost daily!¬† The first half of this year has been very rewarding.

I’ve also been working on consolidating everything I do under one platform.¬† As my practice gets more focused, so does my vision for ‘Yoga With Pragya’.¬† At the beginning of this year I had an idea of where I was headed and over the past couple of months the vision has became clearer.¬† Our new website is a step towards a more organised initiative.¬† As my practice deepens, my teaching becomes more refined and I’m¬†getting very creative with how I can help people across the board.

We’re building something useful, helpful and, most of all, accessible to all those who¬†are interested in yoga, holistic health and a wholesome lifestyle.¬† Most of you have been following this blog for many years. ¬†I hope you will stay with me as I grow, expand and evolve further. ¬†Subscribe to our new blog here:¬† While you’re there, please browse the site and leave us constructive feedback.¬† We’re really excited about the great things we have in store for you.¬† Please share with all your friends and subscribe to our other platforms as well (Facebook, YouTube & Instagram).