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October 2014


Rise & Shine…& Get On the Mat!

October 15, 2014

Recently the folks at Casper mattress contacted me asking me to list out my favorite yoga poses.  Specifically poses that I would do first thing in the morning right on my mattress.  What I really like about these guys is that they aren’t only interested in their product (the Casper mattress), but also interested in making sleeping a wholesome experience.

The great thing about these poses is that you can do them even before you get up. Good way to get your stretches out of the way and to relish a few more minutes on a comfortable mattress!

  1. Start with just raising the right leg up and hooking your hands behind the leg. Be gentle. This stretch helps your lower back muscles ease open.  It’s also a great wayIMG_20141010_192904 to get your thighs and calves ready to move into the day.  Do on both sides.






2.  Next just sit up with your legs extended out in front of you. Again, you don’t have to worry about keeping your IMG_20141010_193433legs straight. If bending at the knees is more comfortable then you should bend them.  Then interlock your fingers together and reach up to the ceiling.  Take a deep breath and open up your chest.  Exhale.  Then inhale deeply again and extend both sides of your torso up to the ceiling.  Exhale.  Finally inhale once again and extend your spine upwards as much as you can.  Exhale.  By now all the lethargy accumulating in your limbs from the sleep is on its way out.


3.  Now slowly and gently reach towards your toes. Feel the stretch on the back of IMG_20141010_193614your legs and on your torso. Don’t worry about keeping your legs straight.  In fact, you can bend your legs and rest your abdomen on your thighs and stay like that for a while.





4.  Finally, cross your legs, place your hand on the floor next to you and reach out withIMG_20141010_193531 the other hand. This stretches and stimulates your sides. Do the same on the other side.






Now you’re ready to have an awesome day!